Tusculum’s IRB reviews and promotes ethical research with human subjects.


Research is defined as a systematic investigation whose purpose is to contribute to generalizable knowledge. At Tusculum, research is generally not expected to expose subjects to any risk of physical danger or psychological distress other than what they would typically encounter as part of daily living. As such, the committee seeks to protect the health and welfare of human subjects involved in research conducted by or on faculty, staff, and student affiliated with Tusculum.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to become familiar with the Tusculum IRB Handbook available on this site.

All research done which utilizes the resources of Tusculum and/or will be presented as having been sanctioned by, sponsored by, or related to Tusculum must undergo review by the Institutional Review Board. Any researcher who wishes to use Tusculum faculty, staff, and/or student(s) in a study, regardless of the researcher’s affiliation or lack thereof with Tusculum , must submit a proposal to the Tusculum IRB. While the board does not intend to micromanage research nor do they ensure specific research is valid and/or optimally constructed, the board is tasked with insuring that any research complies with government regulations and with standards of ethical research.

To this end, we ask that all persons who will be doing research at Tusculum complete and submit the IRB Application Template. Even if your research does not seem to involve human subjects, it is important that you file an application as this gives a record that you

  1. Followed all protocols to ensure that the health and welfare of all human subjects was protected
  2. Did in fact have exempt status as final determination of status is determined solely by the Institutional Review Board

In the event that you are conducting research on human subjects, each researcher must have IRB training (training on the protection and rights of human subjects) within the last 5 years. Tusculum offers free, online IRB training  here.


Compliance with Ethical Standards in Research

To ensure objectivity and transparency in research and to ensure that accepted principles of ethical and professional conduct have been followed; ALL researchers should have Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight of any research that involves human participants or animals. Any employee or student of the University whom does not go through the IRB are not eligible for University legal assistance in the event of potential harm to the research participants. This prohibition includes individuals who have inaccurately assessed their research as not needing an IRB.

When you have completed all required documents, please submit your IRB Review Request to Dr. Robert Gall by email at